Wonder Bar Mushroom Chocolate

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Wonder Bar Mushroom Chocolate

Wonder bar mushroom chocolate is now available at our online store. The highest quality Psilocybin chocolate bar on the market is made by Canna Banana.
Enjoying psilocybin chocolate allows for a much pure high. As well as, removing the upset stomach feeling users would typically get from digesting mushrooms.

Canna Banana’s extraction technology completely puts the Wonder bar mushroom in a league of its own. In effect, the Wonderbar mushroom is free of any contaminants and more accurately dosed.

These products have been known to significantly reduce stress depression, increase focus, and stimulate brain cell growth. As a reminder, always start slow in a safe environment. Obviously, do not operate any motor vehicles while using this product.


1-3 pieces = Microdose

3-7 pieces = Therapeutic Dose

8-12 pieces = Wonderland!

Again, micro dosing psychedelics is the practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance like our wonder bar mushroom chocolate. Such as LSD or psilocybin-containing mushrooms. To clarify, micro-dosing has grown in popularity. Yet, the scientific literature contains minimal research on this practice.

Wonder Bar chocolate Mushrooms

Psilocybin Chocolate Bar and magic mushrooms are an awesome mix. Granting you to enjoy the great flavor as you munch down your shrooms.

One up mushroom chocolate bar as with much psychedelic substance, the effects of psychedelic mushrooms are abstract. It can vary among users. In addition, the mind-altering effects of psilocybin mushrooms last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours.

Certainly, depends on dosage, and personal metabolism. Yet, the effects can seem to last much longer due to their ability to alter time perception.


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4 reviews for Wonder Bar Mushroom Chocolate

  1. Richard

    So good … good customer service
    dark dark organic chocolate.. with the healing benefits of mushrooms

  2. Megan B.

    Love every bite 😆 of it!!

  3. Marianne

    Was waiting so long for this, because I don’t get the craving like with other chocolate. Like it very much!

  4. LynnCarr

    I was a first timer, and on the first day I took 3 squares. I didn’t feel much except jittery and… weird? but not “high”. Anyway, the next day, I took three more squares, and another one, and another one, until I FINISHED the whole bar! I was so confused because I felt completely fine except for an unnerving feeling, and I could’t slept all. I waited all night, and at about 5am I decided to give up and go to sleep. That’s when BAM!! Everything hit me like a truck. I was so shocked at how it crept up at me! Has the most intense most spiritual time ever. Wow. I feel like everything is aligned and I have unlocked the secret to life lol. Even now after the high has worn off, I feel euphoric. 10/10 would recommend (although dosage is kinda tricky)

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