Ketamine powder

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Ketamine is generally used as an anesthetic to induce loss of consciousness and pain relief properties.

How long the effects last and the drug stays in your system depends on how much you’ve taken, your size, whether you’ve eaten and what other drugs you may have also taken.

Ketamine Powder For Sale

Ketamine powder for sale at our online store is used to reduce sensations in the body as it’s  general anesthetic. Trips with ketamine powder can last for a couple of hours.

Psychedelics like ketamine and psilocybin are getting a second look as they seem to treat psychiatric problems like depression, and anxiety.

Taking ketamine powder can make you feel:

  • dream-like and detached
  • chilled, relaxed and happy
  • confused and nauseated

Ketamine can also:

  • alter your perception of time and space and make you hallucinate (see or hear things that aren’t there)
  • stop you feeling pain, putting you at risk of hurting yourself and not realizing it

If you take too much ketamine you may lose the ability to move and go into a ‘k-hole’. This feels like your mind and body have separated and you can’t to do anything about it – which can be a very scary experience.

Ketamine powder for sale on the streets can be dangerous to health. This is because most individuals tend to get substances which are ketamine itself.

Regular use of ketamine powder for sale can cause:

  • agitation
  • panic attacks
  • damage to short- and long-term memory
  • depression, if taken frequently

Used in recreational settings, however, ketamine abuse can produce unpredictable physical and mental health results. In the long term, it can lead to psychological damage and, in some cases, death.



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2 reviews for Ketamine powder

  1. Jess

    I chooses ketamine since I had low blood pressure. Had a dislocated elbow and have been on this for a while. This is a drug I would recommend for anyone to ask before any surgery.

  2. dizzyspud

    Amazing experience. I ordered racemic and S-isomer k. The racemic k got a more stimulating experience good for dance parties. The S-isomer k was way more psychedelic and pleasant to just chill out with. Both can be best described as ‘wavey’. You’ll know what I mean when you try it. Shipping was fast as well.

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